Diet and TSW

Hi all!

My take on diet in the video and how I controlled the awful itching.

Here is a link that explains the diet I talk about in the video. I followed it for nine months whilst still using topical steroids (because even then I noticed how it got rid of the dreaded itching!) and then the first seven months of TSW. I have now incorporated a much larger range of foods into my diet but the base of my diet is still formed by the failsafe foods.

I have never actually purchased the book but it is available here:

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!


2 thoughts on “Diet and TSW

    • Exactly! At the very least healthy wholesome food is going to help our healing more than processed food. The more more processed food, alcohol and pharmaceuticals we consume – the more load our organs have to deal with. I believe the more this load is the less energy and nutrients the body has to focus on healing.

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