17 month update

Hi warriors!

Sorry for the ridiculously long time between updates.  Partly because life is busy but partly as I have also been avoiding reading about, talking about and being around tsw in general.  I apologise if that sounds selfish but it has been the way I have been coping and getting on with my life.

The anxiety is much less, skin shedding much less, I don’t really experience pain on the skin day to day and I have zero nerve issues/pain.  Showers are only hurting my face these days.  Some days I barely itch and some nights it still drives me insane.

For those of you just starting your journey, it does get better.  I still have moments when I think I can’t cope but they last minutes and not days on end.  Do whatever you need to get through the day.

Sending love to you all.

Ruby Red x


4 thoughts on “17 month update

  1. Hi Ruby! How can i get in touch with you? I would love to tell you about a natural product that has really helped my son manage his eczema. He has been steroid-free for 9 months now for the most part itch free and comfortable.

    Or you can email me at j.erskine@hotmail.ca

    Thanks! Jas

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