For most of my thirty one years on this beautiful earth I have been battling with eczema related ordeals. Sigh.

The last day I ever used steroids on my skin was 18th October 2013.  I have been through withdrawal before, unknowingly, but the latest usage was 3 years of betamethasone dipropionate full body and methylprednisolone aceponate on my face.

I live in Australia and my favourite place in the world is the beach followed closely by anywhere else outdoors!  I look forward to the day when I no longer have to think about my skin in relation to the activities I want to pursue.

Sending you all strength and the courage to journey onward!

Love Ruby Red


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ruby, I’m at 22 months no Steroids. I was moisturizer free for 6 months (minus the last week). My face was getting worse and my derm was saying I needed to use moisturizer with my eczema skin and I decided to try it again. BAD IDEA. At first it felt good and seemed to work. By the end of the week, sores on my face came back. So I stopped using moisturizers again. It’s day 3 and I’m worse than I was during the first M-withdrawal. My whole neck is scabby along with areas around my mouth. I’m debating going back onto a immunosuppressant (cellcept) to try and get back to normal. I didn’t want to but I’ve hit my wall. Just thought I’d write you since we’re pretty similar on withdrawals.

    • That sucks big time JT. So sorry that you have to suffer through it again! I have just had a similar experience on Easter Sunday. Flared big time due to a very stressful event and I believe it was compounded by me putting on jojoba oil three times during that day to “smooth” the appearance of my skin. I also had two showers on the same day. My neck, side of face and particularly jawline suffered horribly and it has taken a whole fortnight to get rid of the massive open weeping wounds 😦 I used bactroban, colloidal silver and vit E oil to get the wounds under control. Wishing you all the best to get through it, it’s the worst feeling I know. I have been a emotional wreck through out it, just feels so awful xx

  2. hey! im 17 currently going through TSW! man is it hard. got my final week of year 12 coming up! so hopefully going to make it though it strong! i leave 4 hours north of Perth in a beach town! beach is basically my back yard! not a fan of the beach though .. My joints are killing me at the moment, so stiff and swollen and dry! ahh so hard when you know no one who has had this not so well experience and you cant really rant to them because they have no idea what your going through.. having so many allergies is also a bonus .. NOT! pretty much have a reaction to any cream i use 😦 hope your skin is treating you well 🙂 xxx

    • Sorry to hear you are going through tsw. You are very brave starting the journey whilst finishing year 12! I am in Perth and after a year of tsw I am hoping to be able to brave the ocean soon. I know that it will help the healing along with sun exposure. Wishing you a speedy recovery – I hope the pain is manageable x

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